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STEM Sudan completed its largest science-based project, funded by USAID Featured

By the end of May 2022, STEM Sudan completed its largest science-based project, funded by USAID The project targeted children and displaced communities in conflict areas, with the aim of reducing the impact of displacement and conflict through a large number scientific and experimental activities in the fields of biology, medical sciences, astronomy, space and DIY hands-on projects in the form of working groups in schools. The project was conducted in 4 regions in Sudan, Khartoum, South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Kassala. More than 100 trainers, mostly young university students and recent graduates, participated in the project, and more than 100 trainees and more than 200 volunteers joined this project since its inception last May. This group of trainers and volunteers underwent intensive courses in organizing well-informed events according to the STEM system. The training program lasted for a whole year, during which the capabilities and capacity of a large number of young people increased, allowing for communication with schoolchildren and teachers, the building of a national network based in science and, and productive steps toward the ultimate goal of peaceful coexistence among differing  tribal, religious and cultural communities.

STEM Sudan in collaboration with SNAS is planning to communicate with donors and stockholders to obtain funding so it can extend this project for the years ahead.

By Hassan Baba, STEM Sudan Director

June 2022


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